Room Addition

Room Addition

Create more space in your home by adding a new living room! Or maybe you want a new sunroom with glass from floor to ceiling? Or maybe you are thinking of patio addition? There are so many choices. If you need some professional help our team of qualified designers will gladly create your new room addition project that you have always dreamed of. We understand that choosing a company for your room addition needs may be one of the most important decisions in your life and you need to make sure that you are giving your business to the right people. Our professional designers have over decades of experience and can show you how to make a room addition considering the existing space of your home and your budget.

We at DECOTAL CONSTRUCTION & REMODELING believe that the planning stage is the most important stage of the room addition remodeling project.  We first design your room addition and then build it. If you are like most of our customers in the Agoura Hills area then you are probably thrilled to add more space to your house.

We start our project by asking as many questions as possible to make sure we that understood how you were planning to use the new space.

This may seem like a sure thing to you but there are many contractors out there that are only interested in easy solutions that lead to ordinary results that may leave you wondering if it was worth your money and time. Alternatively we insist on the best subcontractors. We have excellent carpenters on the staff. It enables us to provide the highest level of special works. Our rule is that any room addition project we undertake should get our careful attention during design and construction. We have a reputation to uphold!

Our specialists can create a room for a growing family, or give an elbow room as children grow up. Room addition can create an excellent bedroom suite, because it also allows us to add a necessary bathroom there. Imagine having all of the storage space you want; cloakroom for all your clothes; recess for reading or knitting; cabinetry with drawers and a room for video and audio electronics. You imagine it – we will create it for you!

We can offer you a few options when adding a bathroom. This room – which used to be for necessity only – can now be you own sanctuary from stress that is spacious and calming. Because this is a room addition that starts from nothing, you can have a separate shower and bath; two sinks; even a Jacuzzi where you can relax after a busy day. Beautiful tile, skylights, fans and other features are good within the reach of most budgets.

We can reorganize unused rooms to home theater with music and video equipment mounted into cabinetry. Whether you want a game room, a play room, a pool room or a room for the family to spend time together, let’s make such a home addition that meets all of your requirements with beauty and comfort. We can also transform a basement or an attic into additional room, and we have enough experience in such kind of transformation and room addition.

Sometimes people like to add a new kitchen rather than remodel their existing one. Kitchen additions are most of the times constructed at the rear or side of a home, but this choice for each project will be the decisive factor in what is allowed in your specific neighborhood. Perfectly, the new kitchen addition will be placed next to a dining room, thus maximizing functionality. Fortunately, kitchen remodeling is usually the best way to solve the problem of matching the needs of a modern family with an older kitchen. And although it is often practical and cost-effective to reorganize existing space to gain a larger kitchen, we have worked with many homeowners who opt to build kitchen additions that provide them with the living space they need.

When you are planning on a room addition, let us help you make your dreams come true. If you have any questions regarding design and build services do not hesitate to call us today and get a free room addition consultation with one of our specialists. You’ll be glad you did!

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